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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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this morning on the kron 4 morning news. >> mark:15 east bay residents forced out of their homes in the middle of the night. after a car loses control and crashes into a house. >> darya:and construction on interstate 280 ends early.just in time for your morning commute. >> mark>> james: whichever great cooking shot here. otherwise were looking at a great visibility. well falk returning
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to the coast. wednesday partly cloudy and will follow the same pattern of that afternoon sunshine. we are expecting made '80s and the valleys. if mid-60s and low '70's for oakland. >> george: will be 280 extension reopened. the caltrans prepared
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to get things at >>: earlier. the fire crews had to shut down the right lane and it slowed from the 85 split. right on schedule is the backup for the two battelle plaza. >> darya:new this morning.a car crashes into an east bay home.and forces neighbors out into the dark because of a gas leak. >> darya:kron 4's yoli aceves is live now in danville with the details. >> reporter: you can see the crew is out here working trying
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to repair the gas line. just up past midnight. when they got the call of a car crashed into it a grouch. it turns out they ended up hitting a gas line. so they evacuated the surrounding neighborhoods. >> reporter: best far as the driver is concerned. he's just under the age of 21. it's still unclear if it was drunk driving or if you just went off of the road. everyone is safe and everyone is back in. piccinni
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will be harder for the next three to four hours. this just into our newsroom. >> james:firefighters say they are working to put out a fire at healdsburg high school. >> james:reports say the fire started in the gym. officials say it appears to be accidental. >> james: exterior of the building. >> james: impact school today. developing news this morning. >> james:one person is dead after a crash between an amtrak train and an s-u-v in oakland.and investigators are still trying to work out what happened. >> james:police say the crash happened >> james:the amtrak "coast starlight".which runs between seattle and los angeles.hit that s-u-v at san leandro and high streets in oakland. >> james:but police are still unclear about how the vehicle got on the tracks.
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>> james: train was hurt. >> mark:at least one structure and one home has been destroyed by fire in sonoma county. >> darya:here's video from the scene. in forestville. >> darya:four people were also injured in around 3-30 yesterday afternoon >> darya:the fire is now under control. sonoma county fire and cal fire responded. officials say because of the remote location, the fire was difficult to fight. >> darya:of the four people injured, one was taken to the hospital. >> darya:the others are expected to be o-k. >> darya:the cause of the blaze is under meanwhile a wildfire in the klamath national forest continues to burn.and threatens hundreds of home this morning. >> darya:the "happy camp" fire has burned a hundred square miles so far. >> mark:that wildfire started nearly a month ago.on august eleventh. >> mark:it's threatening nearly 700 homes.and 250 people remain under evacation orders right >> mark:the c-d-c says this
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morning that the ebola outbreak is getting harder and harder to manage.but there is new hope for a vaccine. >> darya:human trials for an experimental vaccine begins in the coming days. >> darya:the f-d-a gave the greenlight for researchers at the national institutes of health to give the vaccine to 20 healthy volunteers. >> darya:three people will get the shots first. >> darya: small group of volunteers will get the vaccinne to see if it creates a strong immune response to the hopes of finding a way to innoculate people against the deadly virus. >> mark:new this morning.we're learning more this morning on an overnight attack by the u-s military on al-qaida supporters in somalia. >> mark:this is video of that group.called al-shabaab.which was the target of the u-s operation. >> mark:al-shabaab claimed responsibility for last year's attack on westgate mall in kenya.67 people died in that bombing. >> mark: attack involved a u-s drone.that targeted and killed the leader of the terrorist group. >> mark:the president sent a
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letter to congress monday. saying, he authorized this weekend's u-s >> mark:in it he said, the actions were taken "in coordination with. and at the request of. the iraqi government." >> mark:the airstrikes helped iraqi forces reclaim a town which had been held by the extremist militant group - isis. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. >> darya:napa residents continue to try to get back to normal life after the 6.0 earthquake that struck over a week ago. >> darya:and some students will be returning to school for the first time today. we'll have the latest details.
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>> george: the 280 extension opened earlier than the 5:00 anticipated hour. >> mark:happening today in napa. >> mark:the the last of the schools damaged by the earthquake will reopen. >> mark:the stonebridge charter school. the napa christian school. and the st. john the baptist catholic school will be back in >> mark:the other schools in the napa valley unified school district re-opened the middle of last week. >> mark:a little more than a week after the big earthquake in napa -- >> mark:at least six small earthquakes shook the ground near gilroy.
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>> mark:the largest was a 3- point-five magnitude. that struck just after 9:00 yesterday morning. >> mark:the u-s-g-s says, the other quakes all measured below a magnitude- 3. >> mark:some of the quakes were centered south of gilroy, near the san filipe reservoir. >> mark: size. campers nearby say, they >> darya:21 states and washington d-c do not meet emergency planning standards for schools and child care providers. >> darya:that's according to a new report from the disaster relief organization -save the children. >> darya:the report looks at states' evacuation plans, family-child reunification plans and school's multiple disaster plans. >> darya:california is one of the states that *does meet the emergency standards. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. >> mark:the search continues for more than a dozen boys who managed to escape from a detention center in tennessee. we'll tell you how they were able to escape. >> mark: detained in north korea is speaking out.
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>> james:check out this video -- severe weather hitting saint louis >> mark:you can see lightning light up the sky over the downtown area. >> mark:more strong storms are rumbling through the midwest. >> james: and waited for a to be clear on the other side of the hills. but in the east race off bay in northern they're i note there are clear conditions. 62 in san jose. the los 60s here in
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their. timid to this afternoon's to develop this way. >> james: 70 still the heart of the bay. there may be in the upper 80 here and there. 85 for livermore 85 for and check. kaufhof 73 in oakland, 73 in san francisco. all in all pretty loud day today.
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>> george: pretty slow ride for interstate 580. traffic seems to be back with a vengeance. here on six any southbound. we're getting word of an accident slowing down on the dublin and to change. >> george: the bay bridge to
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westbound is moving with heavy traffic. the backup is west grand ave. the drive time is 13 minutes as he headed westbound. >> darya: 15 boris who escaped whirred call today. authorities
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say that somehow they get out and slipped under least the sense. it is our known instance of a long-planned escaped. >> darya:in missouri. a highway shutdown protest in honor of michael brown was canceled, but some of the demonstrators didn't get the message. >> darya:several drivers appeared to slow down and stop. >> darya:police also stopped people who walked onto the interstate >> darya:organizers say the original stop on the highway for four and half minutes. >> darya:this was to symbolize the four and a half hours michael brown remained on the ground after officer darren wilson shot and killed him. >> mark:
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the sister of an american detained in north korea is asking the reclusive nation for mercy -- after hearing from her brother on an unexpected cnn ed payne has the story. >> darya: on monday their reasoning one expected the allowed someone to interview the man. all three said they hope the u.s. a government would send an envoy. >>: that is the only hope have runout to go home.
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>>: >>: i know that they've been working hard behind the scenes and the fact remains says he is still there. there's ever a time to step up efforts it's now. >> reporter: matthew and tied meles is accused for tearing of his visa.
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>> james: his lips trending. the coolest ultrasound ever. and carry on their wallet making a big announcement. the 31 year- old countryside star, is expecting her first child. the couple will be expecting their first child in the spring. cherries and there was the baby will the the cutest thing ever.
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>> reporter: its official name is asked be you. it turns are lots of eggs and you will with the center of attention. >> reporter: you can sit or
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>> mark:
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>> james: beautiful blue skies up above. we are about it when it's away from some rest. that's tekakwitha block. was that off in the morning. upper for is low 60s in the morning. will begin to warm-up by 12 and the byron 3 in the afternoon it will warm up blacks. it was state nice and mild and to work our way to the next part of the week. had 645
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wells for forecast for you. >> george: 280 his old plan-open for sentences code. it was an oversized blowup that is blocking the aid 80 self bond brokerage. think about using 580 if this is your destination treat this to problems of an accident tabernacle another at caldera. and the signal alleged
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is still. >> mark: that car crashes into a home and neighbors are forced kron 4's yoli aceves is live now >> reporter: right there on the corner is where head the main gas line that cause that evacuation.
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>>: for some reason the driver lost control of the car and broke a 1 x gas line. since then people have been a will to go back. and they hope to fix it in the next two or three hour spirit >> reporter: it's still all clear what caused them to it crashed into the home. it's still unclear were hoping to get a call.
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>> darya:some tense moments at ocean beach in san francisco monday. >> darya:amidst the thousands of beach goers there enjoying their holiday; a surfer saved a swimmer caught in a rip current. >> darya:park rangers tell us, a 22 year old man was caught in a rip current and pushed out between two of the big three rocks. at kelly's cove near the cliff house restaurant. >> darya:emergency crews responded -- but little did they know. that a surfer had helped the man and taken him to the shore before crews got there. >> darya:emergency officials say. swimming in this water can be very dangerous. >> darya:two lifeguards who were searching for the swimmer. were able to eventually make it back to shore. no one was hurt. >> james: the restaurant to affect it will blue mcdonald's burger king when these and this is sold to employers will pay
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them a higher minimum wage. the case for fast workers are just above 5 $9. crews demolishing the old >> darya: with the proposal were not need the city council's approval. it will be among the highest in the nation. >> mark: eastern span of the san francisco-oakland bay bridge have run into an unusual challenge. birds that won't leave. >> mark:the california department of transportation says the birds encouragement
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from workers. >> mark:so the agency is switching to a new tactic that attempts to attract the dark- colored birds to other areas. >> mark:the birds have not delayed the demolition so far, but a caltrans spokesperson says that could change if they are not gone by the end of the year. >> mark: raiders have been waiting for, the team finally announces a starting quarterback for sunday. oakland rookie derek carr will start the season opener against the new york jets. >> darya:coach dennis allen announced monday that carr got the nod ahead of matt schaub, who struggled in the preseason and has been hampered by a sore elbow. >> darya:this is what head coach dennis allen had to say about the decision. >>: after watching them all through our training camp you see a guy who continues to develop and become mature.
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>> darya:carr will be the first rookie to start the season opener at quarterback in raiders history. >> darya: of fresno state in may. >> darya:he will become the 18th starting quarterback for the raiders since the start of the 2003 season. coming up on the kron four morning news. alex
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to stand up for sixty million americans... ...and stand up to pay-tv providers. don't mess with free tv >> george: an accident is now
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happen by the doubling and to change. >> darya:passengers aboard a plane are sharing their stories after a mid-air scare. >> darya:it happened on an allegiant air flight from grand rapids, >> darya:one of the passenger shared this cellphone video he took as he and other passengers gasped for air inside the cabin sunday night. >> darya:in the video you see clark and his sisters breathing with oxygen masks that had just dropped from the ceiling. >> darya:allegiant air says nearly two hours into the flight from grand rapids michigan to orlando -- there was a sudden change in cabin pressure. >> darya:a horrifying experience for this first-time flier and his sister.
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>> darya: he joined the band in 1984 few months look back in his career he did do so. >> darya: a belly dancing up mancini was also retired.
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>> george: it's a little cloudy over san francisco. it's the little cloudy. >> james: 57 and vallejo 59 in richmond. the east bay in southbury are low 60s 62 in san jose. the clouds are courtesy of the marine layer. right over the bay bridge and into the oakland hills. ever since unclouded condition over s f zero. so temperatures as ethanol.
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>> james: more still for the almost in balance. an album about 87 or so. we have 78 set will redwood city and fall out of. 84 for ncr. 87 for brentwood. 85 for livermore. 66 for richmond downtown oakland will come in and 73. on the card debt. this 80 in san herself. cahoo
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>> george: were little surprise in the back tomorrow on 880. with the c h p reports a big break at the san barrels. there was reports that there were debris and the little lion. >> george: there's an accident southbound on s&l we're starting to see heavy traffic now from the right heavy leading all
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towards saratoga. the bay bridge is backed up to the foot of the mccarter mace. the san mateo bridge writer is already jammed up and were not at 7:00 yet. your trip to the golden gate and there are no delays. >> mark: singer chris brown pled guilty to a misdemeanor assault. last year you the locked inside it bell of the fight outside a motel. >> darya:singer cee-lo green has deleted his twitter account after posting a comment about rape. >> darya:he posted this tweet
6:51 am
shortly after pleading no contest to charges he slipped a woman ecstasy without her permission in 2012. >> darya:it reads, "if someone is passed out they're not even *with you consciously! so *with implies consent." >> darya:prosecutors say a lack of evidence lead to no rape charges being filed. >> darya:green was sentenced to three years of probation and 45 days of community service. you can share your thoughts on our twitter feed. at kron four news. >> darya:after multiple celebrities' online accounts were hacked.the f-b-i has gotten involved saying they are addressing the allegations. >> darya:time magazine reports the agency did not say what actions it was taking to investigate who was responsible for posting naked photos of jennifer lawrence and other stars. >> darya:apple says it is looking into whether its online photo-sharing service had been hacked to obtain the intimate images.
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>> mark:in bay area baseball-- looks like the colorado rockies finally put an end to the san francisco giants six-game winning streak. >> mark:the giants had a makeup game against colorado-- picking up a sixth-inning postponement from back in may. the giants broke a 2-2 tie to win 4-2. >> mark:monday's second game wouldn't go as well for the giants. >> mark:they had a 7-2 lead to start but would give up four runs in the 6th. >> mark:then another three in the seventh. >> mark: winning run off sergio romo in rockies win 10-9. >> mark:the giants pick up a half-game on the dodgers. who lost last night. >> mark:that puts the giants two games back in the n-l west.
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>> mark: they went into the day five games back of the angels. after anaheim. >> mark:but in response. billy beane brought in adam dunn in his first at bat for oakland-- he hits a two-run bomb and puts the a's up two to nothing. >> darya:dunn was acquired a day earlier in a trade with the chicago white sox. >> mark: oakland history to homer in his >> mark:dunn went 2 for 3 batting cleanup as the designated hitter. >> mark:final score 6-1 a's. designated hitter. >> mark:final score 6-1 a's. can't say thank you enough. designated hitter. >you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything, for all your help. through all life's milestones, our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement. you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow.
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